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Hot Weather Clothing

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These lightweight breathable head scarves are made from quick drying, sweat wicking material in light olive colour, to m... [more]

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Stock Ref 20326

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Here we have the latest issue light olive coloured T shirt, as issued as part of the new PCS clothing system. Extrem... [more]

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Stock Ref 20314

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These zip-neck coolmax moisture wicking T shirts are the fore-runner of the under body armour shirts on widespread issue... [more]

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Stock Ref 13013

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Here is a current UK issue mosquito headnet, as issued to troops on jungle operations or exercises. Designed to be s... [more]

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Stock Ref 20057

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Here we have the military issue sand coloured T shirt, as issued for Afghanistan and other overseas deployments. Ext... [more]

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Stock Ref 20073

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Genuine MoD issue dark brown coloured T shirt, as worn in Iraq and Afghanistan, before replaced by the light olive versi... [more]

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Stock Ref 20131

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"Sock, Desert, Warm Weather" is issued to all services of the MoD, male and female, and see widespread use in warm and h... [more]

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Stock Ref 20173

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This is a latest desert issue boonie hat, as worn by UK forces on desert operations. Wide brimmed design protects the... [more]

New £9.99
Stock Ref 9006

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These clever neck coolers are standard issue to troops operating in Iraq and Afghanistan. Once soaked in water, the c... [more]

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Stock Ref 20137

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Genuine current issue shemagh scarf, as issued to all UK troops deployed on desert operations... Approximate size is... [more]

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Stock Ref 10003

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Lightweight desert camouflage combat shorts issued to UK forces when deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan. Cotton and polyes... [more]

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Stock Ref 9004