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British Army Desert Camo Snatch Bag / Ammunition Grab Bag - Afghan Issue

New £24.99

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Stock Ref 20395

These ammuniton grab bags were on widespread issue to UK forces in Afghanistan, before being replaced by an MTP version instead...

Features include;

Removable and fully adjustable shoulder strap, with padded section to support weight on shoulder..
Three front elastic tightened, velcro closure magazine pouches, each designed to hold 2 x SA80/M4 mags or similar..
Two small buckle closure outside pouches to hold HE grenades.
One smoke grenade pocket with buckle closure lid.
Main compartment lid closes with velcro, additional top velcro opening slot through which empty mags or similar can be pushed in a hurry for quick stowage in emergency fire fights..

New condition.. still in poly wrappers.

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