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Latest Army Issue Operational Ration Cooker

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Stock Ref 20509

The new Fire Dragon folding cooker from BCB has been adopted by the UK MoD as the replacement for the classic hexamine cookers, which have been on issue for over 40 years!

As the MoD are presently receiving their initial batch of 30,000 cookers, we have been able to source some ourselves direct from the manufacturer.

Designed to work alongside the new odourless fire-dragon gel fuel, the cooking system provides an efficient and cleaner burning alternative to hexamine.

The central dish of the stove can hold a fire-dragon sachet, be filled with liquid gel fuel from a bottle, or simply used with classic hexi blocks if you wish to use up your existing fuel stocks!

Supplied with a simple clip-on wind shield to further protect the flames from the wind, the stove can be set up in a standard upright position for larger pans, or angled inwards to support smaller cooking mugs.

Nato Stock Number; 7310-99-587-4226

One cooker supplied, with full instuctions. Fuel packs available separately.

* Postage costs are for UK mainland postage for single item unless otherwise stated.