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MTP Multicam MK1 PLCE Rucksack Side Pouches - Set of 2

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These MTP rucksack side pouches were introduced alongside the ECM rucksack used in Afghan from 2009, and quickly became a sought-after bit of kit.

Often seen fitted onto the MTP 45 litre predator pack or standard PLCE infantry rucksacks, the pockets have the standard chunky side zips to fit all the MoD issue rucksacks.

Capacity approx 12.5 litres each, so increases your rucksack capacity by 25 litres.

Unlike the standard issue side pouches these have an elasticated lid secured by 2 chunky fastex buckle, beneath which is a snow collar and drawcord, so far easier to open quickly with gloved hands compared to the 'normal' zip closure side pockets on general issue.

New unissued condition.

Set of TWO supplied

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