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Warm Weather MTP Leather Combat Gloves

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This gauntlet length glove is made from durable yet soft and supple camouflage leather with a multi terrain pattern (MTP). The pattern is incorporated into the grain structure of the leather providing longer lasting aesthetic characteristics, whilst still ensuring that all the benefit associated with water repellency remain. The glove is worn by service personnel in warm weather zones where metal surfaces become hot when exposed to direct sunlight. It provides adequate protection against incidental burns whilst still allowing the required tactility and dexterity for operational use. It has a padded section across the back of the knuckles and a nylon adjustable strap across the back of the wrist.

OUTER: 100% Screen Printed Cape Leather (0.5 to 0.7 mm)
STRAP: Nylon Webbing Strap
PADDING: Urethane Foam Padding

Usually one hand will be slightly larger than the other, typically the dominant hand (the right hand if you are right handed). Using a tape measure, wrap the tape around the dominant hand at the widest part (between your thumb and index finger) and make a loose fist. Make a note of this measurement and check our sizing guide below.

SIZE 7 = XS (17.8 cms)

SIZE 8 = S (20.3 cms)

SIZE 9 = M (22.9 cms)

SIZE 9½ = M-L (24.1 cms)

SIZE 10 = L (25.4 cms)

SIZE 11 = XL (27.9 cms)

SIZE 12 = XXL (30.5 cms)

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